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Visualizing Change

Visualizing Change aims to build the capacity of educators at informal science learning institutions, such as aquariums and science centers, to help audiences better understand the impact of climate change on our planet. Drawing upon vast data resources of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and a Strategic Framing communications approach, the project will produce new 2D and 3D visual tools that educators can use to help people make informed decisions and get involved in community-based solutions that address climate change issues like ocean acidification, sea level rise, and extreme weather. Project partners include New England Aquarium, National Aquarium in Baltimore, Seattle Aquarium, Aquarium of the Pacific, and FrameWorks Institute. NewKnowledge is serving as the external evaluator for Visualizing Change. The project is supported by NOAA.

Read our Context Briefing Report for Visualizing Change here.

Want to use the VisChange tools? All tools are open access — see here!


Photo credits: Will von Dauster for NOAA.
Image credit: Temperature anomalies for June-August 2013 compared to the 2007-2012 average by NOAA