| Teen Science Journalism with PBS NewsHour

Teen Science Journalism with PBS NewsHour

What can teens contribute to science journalism? How do teen-produced stories affect their peers? PBS NewsHour and NewKnowledge are collaborating on a National Science Foundation project to understand the impact of a project-based science journalism program on STEM literacy and interests among high school students. As a platform for this study, we are using the highly successful PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Lab (SRL) program, which reaches over 2,500 students at 70 high schools in 40 states across the US. This initiative expands the SRL program to more schools and adds a STEM focus and mentoring to train students in science journalism methods. NewKnowledge will study the impacts of the program with teachers, mentors, SRL members, and teen audiences to understand how teen-led journalism can build science literacy.

Photo credit: Julie Tiedens

See here for our latest working paper about this research.