| Supporting Veterans in the Workforce

Supporting Veterans in the Workforce

How can we support veterans as they grow and thrive after their service? In the summer of 2015, New York University’s Polytechnic School of Engineering hosted the inaugural Veteran Entrepreneur Training (VET) Program in the city, which was part of the Bunker Labs network. The 10-week certificate program was funded by New York State through Assembly Member Joseph Lentol’s office in partnership with the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. Seeking to support the transition for veterans from active duty into careers in the technology industry, the VET Program helped women and men hone their skills and build confidence. The program featured hands-on experiential learning, mentorship, and capstone projects that encouraged entrepreneurs to turn their career aspirations into a career.

NewKnowledge led an external evaluation to assess impacts from this effort and to identify opportunities for curriculum refinement in future programs. We found that the VET Program provides a unique platform for veterans and functions as a scalable educational initiative for the NYU Polytechnic Incubator.

Photo credit: Bunker Labs