| REACH Ambler

REACH Ambler (Resources for Education and Action for Community Health in Ambler) seeks to develop a program that informs and empowers the community about risks from exposure to asbestos so that they can participate in decisions that affect their health. The project aims to bring an innovative science education and outreach program, featuring an exhibit and theater production about communities of West and South Ambler, PA to the area.

The overarching goal for REACH Ambler is to develop a model for educating the community about environmental justice issues related to exposure to toxic substances. The communities of West and South Ambler, Pennsylvania will serve as a model for exploring the long-term health effects of proximity to aging, hazardous industrial sites. Residents of Ambler have had continuous occupational and environmental exposure to asbestos since the early twentieth century.

The project is supported by the National Institutes of Health. NewKnowledge is partnering with the University of Pennsylvania’s Mixed Methods Research Lab and the Chemical Heritage Foundation of Philadelphia.

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Silence=Death by Paul Morris on Flickr is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
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