| Exploring Waterfront with Brooklyn Historical Society

Exploring Waterfront with Brooklyn Historical Society

Many of us live in cities close on a coast or waterways, but rarely have a chance to think about our surroundings. How did the city develop around water? Who built the city? Which natural and human made systems are involved? The Brooklyn Historical Society is exploring these questions with its new exhibition in Brooklyn Bridge Park, called Waterfront. In 2015, we partnered with Brooklyn Historical Society to study how people approach topics like Indigenous peoples living in the area for centuries before Europeans arrived, enslaved workers building early infrastructure, working class culture across the waterfront industries, the meaning of changing neighborhoods, and evolving environmental issues like sea level rise. With this project, we look for new understandings of how people think about issues that are part of every city and how our society solves problems that are important to all of us. The National Endowment for the Humanities along with Brooklyn Historical Society are supporting this work.