| Experiments in Transmedia with PBS NewsHour

Experiments in Transmedia with PBS NewsHour

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What makes you read a science story and share it with others? What are the best ways to deliver important science news? NewKnowledge has partnered with PBS NewsHour to explore how early career adults respond to news stories in different media formats. Drawing on their renowned reporting on science issues like climate change, genetics, and astronomy, NewsHour and a team of young adult interns will repackage contemporary science news broadcasts into YouTube videos, Twitter and Facebook posts, and Vines. NewKnowlege will test these media types with early career adults to understand what makes them read and pass on stories. We will also work with the the production team and interns to learn about the process of developing and delivering science news. This National Science Foundation-funded project will help the media and education fields tailor their products to better communicate with early career adults, a group who will shape how our society confronts science.

Watch how we’ve collaborating with PBS NewsHour to experiment with STEM news media.