| Cultivating Activism with Amnesty International

Cultivating Activism with Amnesty International

How do we increase the dignity and respect that all people should have in our society? How can we work toward human rights issues in our own communities? In 2015, NewKnowledge partnered with Amnesty International, an organization at the center of these ambitious questions. Together, our teams conducted a deep review of how human rights education and activism operate in two campaigns: Stop Torture and My Body, My Rights. We found that human rights education combined with activism empowers people – particularly young people – to take real action and make change. Young people are critical to human rights work. Activists ages 14-25 make up almost 50% of Amnesty International’s worldwide membership.

NewKnowledge helped Amnesty learn more about the best ways to integrate human rights education with youth activism so that future global campaigns can nurture more activists as they tackle challenges in their communities. Our research also identified ways to measure the impact in the lives of young people. We were inspired by the human rights work that challenged us to understand how more all people can live to their potential.