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American Alliance of Museums: Field-wide Studies

A leader in the informal learning field, the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) supports museums by developing standards and best practices, providing resources and career development, and advocating for museums to thrive. In 2014, NewKnowledge partnered with the Alliance to conduct a national salary survey to provide the museum community with comprehensive information about over 50 career types in the field. The Alliance published the findings in “National Comparative Museum Salary Survey.” This for-purchase resource describes relationships between compensation and age, gender, education, and region. Interestingly, we found that the museum field reflects national and international statistics indicating that women are underpaid even in industries they dominate.

In 2015, the Alliance worked with NewKnowledge again to support an Alliance Task Force in their mission to explore Direct Care, which is related to the use of funds from the sale of deaccessioned collections for the care of new or existing collections. Addressing perceptions of field-wide uncertainty surrounding the practice, the study asked thousands of museum professionals about practices and beliefs regarding Direct Care, with the goal of publishing a white paper on the findings.

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