To empower change-makers with interdisciplinary social science research so they can create a society where all people live to their greatest potential in harmony with a thriving biosphere.

How we do it

Our 501(c)(3) accomplishes this objective by exploring four phenomena to understand how people learn about and are motivated to solve society’s grand challenges. We study paths to individual and community wellness, how to support a healthy biosphere, and how media and cultural organizations contribute to a just society. Consistent with the principles of a strong democracy, we promote public dialogue and action through collaboration, transparency in our process, and open access to the results of our work.


Goal 1: Be Critical Thinkers.
Challenge the status quo by analyzing, assessing, and reconstructing ideas about social challenges, turning them into actionable research questions. Through rigorous, self-aware, and flexible habits of mind, engage with the mechanisms that can produce social change solutions.

Goal 2: Develop Purposeful Partnerships.
Collaborate with change-makers who have the ability and potential to tackle deep societal issues. Partner with scholars whose ideas can help make that change possible.

Goal 3: Nurture Pluralism.
Invest in a pluralistic NewKnowledge community with broad academic, life, and work experiences that contribute diverse perspectives to the problems we explore. Support the personal and professional growth of our entire learning community.

Goal 4: Advance Public Discourse.
Be a trusted voice that shares clear, data-driven communications to help change-makers understand what they can and should do.

Goal 5: Cultivate Financial Stability.
Work to develop a stable, resilient funding scheme and work process able to ensure the longevity and sustainable fiscal health of the organization. Maintain ongoing vulnerability assessments, refine policies, and monitor growth strategies.