Welcoming new Health & Wellness Fellow, Dr. Sharon Danoff-Burg

January 14, 2015

SDB 300x225Dr. Sharon Danoff-Burg expands our west coast team, joining our Oceanside office as a Research Fellow, but with a unique focus on expanding skills in our Wellness focus area. As a clinical psychologist who has been working in research, she has authored numerous articles regarding health psychology, psychology of women and gender, and other areas in the field of psychology. With a particular concern about promoting positive wellness practices and health regime compliance, Dr. Danoff Burg has worked extensively on the psychological effects of coping with breast cancer diagnosis, autoimmune diseases, and other chronic health challenges.

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Sharon Danoff-Burg, Ph.D.

Research Fellow

Contact: sdanoffburg@newknowledge.org
Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Danoff-Burg is a licensed clinical psychologist with a research emphasis in health psychology. She has published extensively on topics related to human wellness, such as stress, resilience, and coping with illness. In addition to her background as a scientist-practitioner, Dr. Danoff-Burg has over two decades of experience as an educator and has won awards for excellence in teaching. Prior to joining NewKnowledge in 2015, Dr. Danoff-Burg was Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in Psychology at the State University of New York in Albany, NY and Program Director for the NIH-funded SDSU/UCSD Cancer Center Comprehensive Partnership in San Diego, CA.