APA 2014 – Promoting Youth Science Learning in Urban Environments

August 22, 2014

Gupta Science Learning through Sports APA Presentation

At the American Psychological Association’s Annual Convention in Washington, D.C. in August 2014, NewKnowledge’s Rupu Gupta presented about SportsLab:2020, an NSF-funded project with the Educational Gaming Environments (EdGE) group at TERC. She gave the presentation “Exploring the Potential of Science Learning through Sports in Outdoor Environments.” Describing results from the front-end phase of SportsLab, she discussed the process of creating design challenges for greater youth involvement in science. The two main components of our exploratory work for the project were a survey of science educators and a participatory action research project involving young research assistants who explored the project’s assumptions in three cities across the US. Rupu’s talk highlighted how natural and built “environments” in urban spaces can engage youth in science learning. NewKnowledge will be working on this project throughout 2015 – we wonder if others are pursuing questions like this and welcome comments to push our thinking forward.