Thrilled about New Book: Multicultural Perspectives on Race, Ethnicity, and Identity

July 31, 2015

naswblog We’re excited about a new publication from National Association of Social Workers Press that explores the impact of race, ethnicity, and sense of self on the development of individual and group identity in our increasingly diverse society. Multicultural Perspectives on Race, Ethnicity, and Identity, edited by Elizabeth Pathy Salett and Diane R. Koslow, is premised on a shared belief that “in the context of a pluralistic society, the values, mores, and status of the group or groups with which we each identify have a profound effect on how we view ourselves and on how we view and interact with others.” Each chapter reviews the social, economic, and political processes related to building and preserving racial and ethnic identities and perceptions of self. Dr. Rebecca Joy Norlander worked closely with Salett and Koslow, reviewing the chapters and providing editorial support leading up to publication. It was eye-opening work that tied in perfectly with her role at NewKnowledge, where she considers how rapidly changing demographics are reshaping how we think about transformative social change.

The book is available at NASW Press: