“Thoughts on Psychology” in Biohabitats’ Newsletter

December 22, 2014

Leaf Litter 2014

NewKnowledge’s CEO & President, Dr. John Fraser, was interviewed by Biohabitats for the Winter Solstice edition of their newsletter, “Leaf Litter”. Biohabitats is a US-based organization that strives to restore the earth and inspire ecological stewardship. Dr. Fraser, along with Dr. Susie Burke from the Australian Psychological Society, and Dr. Susan Clayton, a professor at the College of Wooster, discussed the integrative role psychology plays in environmental work. Dr. Fraser’s interview ties together NewKnowledge’s efforts in communication and education by highlighting our role in creating a positive frame for PBS’ Becoming California documentary. Dr. Burke explains her work on how environmental change effects disadvantaged people and the movement Common Cause. Later in the interview, Dr. Clayton elucidates the connection between environmental well-being and human well-being.

Read the interview here.