The GEDI at NewKnowledge

June 3, 2015

NewKnowledge is pleased to be a host institution for the American Evaluation Association’s (AEA) Graduate Education Diversity Internship (GEDI). For the GEDI, AEA is seeking to support “graduate students of color and from other under-represented groups” from a wide range of social science and natural science backgrounds who are interested in expanding their research and evaluation skills. At NewKnowledge, along with the other host institutions, GEDI participants will focus on culturally responsive evaluation practices. NewKnowledge strongly encourages anyone interested to apply. Although the applications are due soon, this Friday, don’t be discouraged by the fast approaching deadline! Our librarian, Sean, sent in his application for our digital librarian internship last year on the due date – and we hired him to join us full-time after he graduated. And he’s still here! Sean says “being at NewKnowledge is a great experience, especially for me as a person of color. At NewKnowledge, it has never been about ‘fitting in to another culture.’ I feel my background is a valued part of a diverse team that celebrates ethnicity, respects how age and discipline influence our thinking, and how to respect different outlooks on life. I’ve found NewKnowledge to be very welcoming to all gender identities and hope this program is perceived as welcoming to the entire LGBTQI community.”

Learn more about GEDI and apply here: