Team Members Join in NYU Innovation Lab

July 14, 2015

innovlab_2015 07
The NewKnowledge team is having a busy summer full of side projects and travel. In the month of July, Rebecca Norlander has been working with the Innovation Lab, led by the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. The Lab offers a unique opportunity to work with leading thinkers and practitioners in exhibit design, media, technology, and more.

The Lab draws a diverse mix of international professionals and students to collaboratively re-imagine possibilities for exhibition design. Each group tackles new challenges set by institutions like the Met and MoMA in different “studios”. Each studio considers the same design challenge but approaches it from a distinct framework and perspective, working with an eye to the constraints and opportunities in the real-world application of the challenge.

Rebecca Norlander is taking part in the Innovation Lab as a Studio Lead to facilitate creative thinking through the lens of evaluation. She is drawing on her perspective as a NewKnowledge researcher and experience thinking about informal learning and user experience in museums. We are excited to root on Rebecca as she supports new collaborative ways to approach public learning and engagement with science and the humanities.

Photo Credit: Used with permission from Innovation Lab