NewKnowledge in London: International Workshop for Human Rights Activists

November 24, 2015

NewKnowledge has partnered with Amnesty International to review how human rights education has been integrated into the current global campaigns: Stop Torture and My Body My Rights.

Researcher Rebecca Norlander traveled to London to participate in a workshop with Amnesty International staff members and youth activists from around the world. This workshop gave people an opportunity to share their experiences and ideas with others about the contribution of human rights education to the campaigns. Human rights education is understood as not only teaching someone about human rights, but also developing the skills and attitudes that promote equality, dignity, and respect in one’s community, society and worldwide.

Amnesty International recognizes the important role played by young people and hopes to be able to equip them to take more effective action. We’re very excited to collaborate with Amnesty International, a global leader in making our society more equitable.