Learning about Corporate Social Responsibility

June 17, 2015

csr_blog1Last week, Rebecca Norlander attended the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Leadership Course at Fordham Law School’s Leitner Center for International Law and Justice. The course’s goal was to better understand CSR developments in the US and abroad, with a focus on sustainability, women’s empowerment, climate change, and human rights. The CSR course brought together a diverse group of participants from academia, finance, legal, and nonprofit arenas, working toward a shared understanding of the important role that the corporate sector can play to achieve a shared, secure, and sustainable future. Given that NewKnowledge works to increase science literacy and involve people in community-based solutions, like green energy initiatives, Rebecca was particularly interested in a talk given by Michael Mahoney, Pfizer’s Chief Environment, Health, and Safety Compliance Counsel, and how his work with the NYC Bar intersects with Visualizing Change and REACH Ambler. Other speakers included industry leaders who discussed the importance of CSR while working through some of the challenges these organizations encounter along the way. NewKnowledge appreciates the opportunity to learn about these different perspectives and welcomes those in other fields who join us in taking on society’s grand challenges!