Anthropologist in the Field: Poundmakers Pow Wow, Canada

August 11, 2015

Dallas Arcand Pow Wow Alberta 2015
This summer, while working remotely in Alberta, Canada, Dr. Fiona McDonald attended the annual Poundmaker Lodge Pow Wow. Contemporary pow wow events like this are part of a larger circuit of dancing and drumming competitions and performances across North America. Pow wows originally comes from the Narragansett word powwaw that translates as “spiritual leader.” At these social events, dancers, singers, and drummers often invite both Indigenous and non-Indigenous audiences to share in the celebration of tribal cultural diversity and richness of Indigenous cultures. In this image Mr. Dallas Arcand, who is from the Alexander (Kipohtakaw) Indian Cree Nation in Alberta, is participating in the entrance dance to start the Poundmakers Pow Wow. Many thanks to Mr. Arcand for his permission to share this image snapped by Fiona in July.