”Visualizing Change” Around the World

April 8, 2015

NewKnowledge researcher Rebecca Norlander took an island-hopping vacation in mid-March. This was a well-needed holiday after she and other NewKnowledge team members traveled to California in late February to work on the NOAA-funded project Visualizing Change, which aims to build the capacity of educators and interpreters use dynamic visual tools to help people better understand the impact of climate change.

Rebecca visited Japan on her island-holiday to visit friends, see historical sites, and eat delicious food. But, if you like what you do as much as she does, you never stop thinking about work – especially when there’s a giant sphere in front of you to remind you what you’ve been working on for the last few weeks!

One of the tools used in the Visualizing Change project is a large sphere with climate information projected onto it. In Japan, the Miraikan, the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation , uses a similar tool, but it is even bigger (6 meters in diameter) than US versions. Despite being in a different language and developed separately from Visualizing Change, the story told at Miraikan is very similar to the NOAA presentations.

We were delighted to see that institutions on the other side of the world are also tackling science literacy related to climate change. If you hear of other ways that people are working on this issue, let us know on Twitter: @NewKnowOrg !