The Emotional Life of the Environmental Educator – new book chapter!

April 23, 2014

NewKnowledge is excited to spread the word about a new book entitled, Trading Zones in Environmental Education, edited by our colleague Marianne E. Krasny, along with Justin Dillon. John Fraser of NewKnowledge collaborated with Carol B. Brandt on the chapter, “The Emotional Life of the Environmental Educator.” The chapter explores the emotional life of the environmental educator and the stress that comes with teaching about endangered species and the inevitable loss of habitat. Moreover, John and Carol discuss the anxiety of contentious debates over conservation and the frustration of scientism with its moral superiority. All of these tensions are compounded by the emotional labor that is demanded of teachers to foster a nurturing learning context, all the while feeling increasingly alienated from mainstream cultural norms. The chapter analyzes emotions among environmental educators, drawing upon psychological and anthropological perspectives.