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Critical Thinking about the News

Can you tell the difference between a fact and an opinion? What about between real news and fake news? Facts & Opinions A recent Pew Research Center report found that most Americans did only slightly better than chance at distinguishing between factual and opinion statements. As they define these terms, a factual statement is “capable […]

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Walkouts + Wonder Woman: Research on Representation in Media

What do this week’s student walkouts have to do with superhero films like Wonder Woman and Black Panther? By: Dr. Jena Barchas-Lichtenstein, Researcher Last year’s Wonder Woman broke at least a half-dozen records, as did February’s Black Panther. They’re not just great films. They’re also feeding a very real hunger on the part of audiences: […]

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Catalysts for Change: Human Rights Education in Museums

Since the early 2000s, museum and human rights professionals have increasingly used museums to explore human rights education. Nearly 20 years later, we reflect on how it’s going. Are museums simply a platform for human rights learning? Do museums offer unique advantages in facilitating dialogue and building empathy? How can we balance the discourse, which […]

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