Through research we explore the “big” questions about our world by working within the framework of a theory or hypothesis. Our goal with research is to contribute to our collective understanding of the issues that are important to society. We openly share our research, with the hope that it will benefit the public.


Our evaluation work strives to answer questions about issues that are central to the practice of an organization. We conduct evaluation of programs, processes, educational products, systems, organizations, personnel, and policies. Evaluation answers questions based on the program's objectives, with the goal of helping improve the work.


With monitoring, we routinely benchmark against a baseline understanding of a program in order to mark change. Our goal with monitoring is to improve quality over time, while measuring development and progress. Often, monitoring features as a built-in component of evaluation, enabling a program to track and demonstrate how new or revised programming effects change over time.


We provide organizational support based on our skills and experience in education, informal learning, environmental education, conservation, gaming, health and wellness, social work, and program development. Our objective with support is to identify an organization’s opportunities for growth and enhance alignment with mission. We accomplish this work with strategic planning and internal diagnostics.


We are strongly committed to providing access to our resources for public use. Our learning tools, publications, peer review literature, and data sets are available for all citizens to use for the good of our society. Click here to see a listing of the resources that are currently available.

Community Programs

We create customized programs, trainings, lectures, and discussion forums to help people use and implement research findings in their work. Our goal with community programs is to guide information toward the people who can benefit from it most.