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New Knowledge Organization Ltd. is a non-profit think tank and planning group that helps cultural, educational, research, health, environmental, media, and free-learning organizations. Our work aims to expand programs in ways that increase social knowledge, positive lived experiences, and ecological harmony.

What we do

Health & Wellness

Wellness Exploring how to encourage
self-awareness in the pursuit of health and personal wellness.

Cultural Growth

Wellness Exploring how cultural participation can encourage the dissemination and adoption of new knowledge in society.


Wellness Exploring how experiences in contemporary media increase potentials for personal growth and acquisition of knowledge.


Wellness Exploring the motivations and benefits of developing greater symbiotic relationships with the nature on which human life depends.

recent blog posts

APA 2014 – Promoting Youth Science Learning in Urban Environments

At the American Psychological Association’s Annual Convention in Washington, D.C. in August 2014, NewKnowledge’s Rupu Gupta presented about SportsLab:2020, an NSF-funded project with the Educational Gaming Environments (EdGE) group at TERC. She gave the presentation “Exploring the Potential of Science Learning through Sports in Outdoor Environments.” Describing results from the front-end phase of SportsLab, she […]

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Revisiting Drones: Can They Aid Conservation?

We’ve all heard of drones and how they’ve been used in military operations. But conservationists, farmers, and business leaders are talking about the ways they can lead to positive social and environmental outcomes. NewKnowledge CEO & President John Fraser weighs in on the discussion, highlighting possible advantages and disadvantages of using drones in conservation work […]

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Climate Change & Environmental Ed: Framing Perspectives Workshop

Do you often think about how climate issues are impacting both the environment and our society? Do you often wonder how we should approach climate change? How to educate and engage the public about these issues? NewKnowledge is excited to announce and co-sponsor Climate Change and Environmental Education: Framing Perspectives, a one-day workshop held in […]

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