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New Knowledge Organization Ltd. is a non-profit think tank and planning group that helps cultural, educational, research, health, environmental, media, and free-learning organizations. Our work aims to expand programs in ways that increase social knowledge, positive lived experiences, and ecological harmony.

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More affirmation from the field on using drones for conservation

Conservation Magazine released an article this week on a study by Elizabeth Vas, a researcher at Université de Montpellier, on the effects of drones on bird behavior. The study explored how birds reacted to different ways the drones maneuvered near them, taking into account the noise, direction, and appearance of the drones. It’s exciting to […]

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Positive conservation messaging becoming less “Rare”

We’ve been excited to connect with Rare, an international organization that aims to foster partnerships and scalable solutions for local environmental issues. Rare focuses on positive framing on conservation – envisioning and creating solutions to environmental problems without becoming overwhelmed by the scale of global issues. Rare uses an approach that promotes discussions about what […]

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Welcoming Dr. Simon Bird as Research Fellow!

We’re excited to welcome the final fellow to join NewKnowledge in early 2015: Dr. Simon Bird. As a fellow at NewKnowledge, he will advance our work in environmental education and urban conservation, with focus in informal learning. He brings years of research and fieldwork experience in ecology and conservation biology. Dr. Bird is a longtime […]

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