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New Knowledge Organization Ltd. is a non-profit think tank and planning group that helps cultural, educational, research, health, environmental, media, and free-choice learning organizations. Our work aims to expand programs in ways that increase social knowledge, positive lived experiences, and ecological harmony.

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National Parks and Learning about Climate Change

John Fraser is speaking about climate change communication tomorrow as part of the National Park Service’s “Climate Change in America’s National Parks” webinar series. The presentation, called “Safe Words: Social Support, Hope, & Mental Processes for Climate Change Communication” will focus on the emotional experience of informal environmental educators. Part of his discussion will be […]

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Celebrating Earth Day with Poetry

To celebrate Earth Day, we’d like to share a poem that speaks of the wonder we experience in connection with our planet. It also reminds us of the power the humanities have to capture the spirit of natural phenomena and scientific inquiry. We hope this piece inspires you to reflect on our earth and what […]

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”Visualizing Change” Around the World

NewKnowledge researcher Rebecca Norlander took an island-hopping vacation in mid-March. This was a well-needed holiday after she and other NewKnowledge team members traveled to California in late February to work on the NOAA-funded project Visualizing Change, which aims to build the capacity of educators and interpreters use dynamic visual tools to help people better understand […]

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