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New Knowledge Organization Ltd. is a non-profit think tank and planning group that helps cultural, educational, research, health, environmental, media, and free-learning organizations. Our work aims to expand programs in ways that increase social knowledge, positive lived experiences, and ecological harmony.

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“Thoughts on Psychology” in Biohabitats’ Newsletter

NewKnowledge’s CEO & President, Dr. John Fraser, was interviewed by Biohabitats for the Winter Solstice edition of their newsletter, “Leaf Litter”. Biohabitats is a US-based organization that strives to restore the earth and inspire ecological stewardship. Dr. Fraser, along with Dr. Susie Burke from the Australian Psychological Society, and Dr. Susan Clayton, a professor at […]

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Fifth International Conference on Human Rights Education

Last week in Washington, DC was big for NewKnowledge. Dr. Norlander, a member of our research team, served on a panel about Innovative Ways to Create and Nurture a Human Rights Education Culture at the Fifth International Conference on Human Rights Education. She presented her paper, The Contributions of Digital Communications Technology to Human Rights […]

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Anthropologist in the Field

Last week, Dr. McDonald’s curatorial collective, Ethnographic Terminalia (, installed a new exhibition entitled, “The Bureau of Memories: Archives & Ephemera” at the Hierarchy Gallery in Washington D.C. These exhibitions are experimental projects that look at the intersections of art and anthropology. During the exhibition Dr. McDonald co-lead an Artist/Curator discussion prior to the opening […]

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